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Medical Records
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What We Do

We excel in efficiently obtaining and carefully evaluating medical records for gestational surrogates and egg donors. Our goal is to streamline the acquisition of comprehensive and precise medical histories, guaranteeing timely access to crucial information for Surrogacy and Egg Donation agencies, as well as Intended Parents.

Our Promise

With our understanding of the urgency for medical records collection and review, we offer a level of expertise that sets us apart. We are committed to supporting you with the highest standard of service.

13 day average from request to completion

Despite the potential challenges, we maintain an average turnaround time of just 13 days from initiation to the completion of the record acquisition process. Our commitment is to ensure a smooth and expedited experience at all times.

Issues? We'll Handle It.

If a concern arises during the process, our team is dedicated to working with you towards a swift resolution. We'll communicate directly with your candidates and work toward issue resolution so you may focus on other business related needs.


Rest assured that we prioritize transparency and collaboration throughout the entire process. When we communicate directly with your candidates, you'll always be kept in the loop since we include you in all email correspondence. Additionally, if we come across any matter that requires your approval or input, we will take a proactive approach by reaching out to you promptly. Your involvement and peace of mind are integral to our service, and we are committed to ensuring a smooth and well-informed experience every step of the way.

13 day average from request to completion

Voices of Delight

"We don't know how we ever managed without Gather and we definitely don't want to find out."

"We view Gather as an extension of our team when the need for attention to detail in a difficult process is warranted."

"Gather takes the most stressful and longest part of the surrogate pre-screening process and streamline it into a quick and easy process. We can trust that Gather has everything in hand while we are taking care of our other important matters."

"Gather has been our go-to for all records collection and review. There is nothing that compares to the level of service and attention to detail that we receive from this team. Thank you Gather for all you do!"